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Dealer Automobile Fraud in Undisclosed Wreck Damage

An experienced auto fraud attorney to pursue your damages for undisclosed wrecks.

Undisclosed Damage To New Cars & Undisclosed Wreck Damage To Used Cars – Auto Fraud

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Automobile Fraud

Undisclosed wreck damage to used Cars is very similar to salvage fraud. However, it does not abide by the state salvage law. Undisclosed Wreck Damage to used vehicles usually occurs in the form of cars that are not a total loss but have been damaged enough. Undisclosed damage to new cars is typically damage that  occurs during delivery from the manufacturer or at the dealership. These cars are then, for the most part, repaired and ready for sale. Both of these undisclosed damages to used and new cars can result in common law fraud, as well as revocation, withholding of payments, claim for damages, and more; regardless of seller’s knowledge. If you think you have been the victim of dealer fraud through undisclosed damage of your used or new car, call experienced automobile fraud attorney Kweku Darfoor at (754) 800-5657. Let me fight for you against the unscrupulous car dealers in Florida.  

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