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New affiliation with The Danton Groups brings business opportunities

DLF has now become affiliated with The Danton Group, a public policy, governmental relations, and transaction advisory firm with operations in Accra, Ghana and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Darfoor Law Firm affiliates with The Danton Group

Darfoor Law Firm is proud to announce that the firm is now affiliated with The Danton Group. TDG is a public policy, governmental relations, and transactional advisory firm with a particular focus on the growing Sub-Saharan Africa region.

TDG brings together a diverse collection of professionals with deep roots in law and progressive public policy. The mission is to identify opportunities and solve problems for clients in the corporate, nonprofit, foundation and government sectors.

DLF believes that this new affiliation will open up the new emerging markets, particularly the gateways of Ghana and Nigeria, to their existing and future corporate clients, as well as wealthy investors. In both the public and private sector, TDG is resourced with the experience, local knowledge, and local resources without having to sacrifice integrity to cut through the usual red tape. “I believe this affiliation with The Danton Group, especially given the quality and experience of their Board of Advisors, will enhance the business offerings available to our corporate clients who can capitalize on the strong demand for services and goods in ICT, tourism, real estate, and agriculture; especially in the gateway markets of Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya” stated DLF managing partner Kweku Darfoor.

The Board of Advisors of The Danton Group is composed of professionals with decades of expertise in ICT, Real Estate Financing & Development, Cross-Border Transactions, African Policy, & Law.

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