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Are Passengers Protected in The Event of An Uber Car Accident?

Uber is a ride-hailing firm that provides the Uber mobile app. With this app, you may request a trip and your current location will be instantly delivered to an Uber driver nearby and let them know where you are. The accepting Uber driver will then pick you up and take you to the location you specified. Uber has become increasingly popular in the United States. It has become one of the most used transportation ways nowadays. Uber drivers can create their own work schedules, use their own cars, and enjoy a great deal of work flexibility not offered by regular taxicab companies. But, since accidents can happen, it is important to understand what happens when a driver is involved in an accident in Florida, where there are a few unique auto insurance laws.

If a Florida passenger is hurt in an Uber car crash, Uber does provide coverage. Passengers are protected from the moment a driver accepts a trip and picks up the traveler until the moment they are dropped off. All parties are protected by a $1 million commercial insurance policy during that time. Take note that injury coverage is not guaranteed when a driver is not on duty and waiting for passengers. A driver’s personal auto insurance policy as well as Uber’s limited liability coverage are intended to provide appropriate protection for anyone injured during that time. In Florida, however, there are no insurance regulations for situations in which a person uses their own automobile to carry paying passengers and regular auto insurance does not operate in that manner.

While some states have found ways to close that gap, such as getting additional commercial insurance, Florida does not currently offer this option. To date, if the company’s commercial cover does not pay, damages for injuries must be covered by the driver, which is a primary reason that underinsured motorist coverage is a good idea for all vehicle owners in the state. While the Florida Senate continues to focus on establishing insurance regulations for Uber drivers, an expert Uber or car accident lawyer can assist in determining fault and pursuing just compensation if someone is injured in an Uber automobile accident in Florida.

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