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Construction Site Injuries

It is a known fact that construction sites are no place to mess around. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA has provided guidelines and regulations to keep workers safe, but accidents still happen despite all the safety measures. These accidents can cause injuries as simple as a small bruise, or as serious as an amputation, or death. Workers carry heavy objects, climb ladders and scaffoldings, operate machinery, install electrical wirings, and many other hazardous tasks.

The Fatal Four

Fall – Construction workers usually work from elevated or high places likes ladders and scaffoldings. In 2018, 33.5% or 338 out of 1008 deaths in the construction industry were caused by workers falling from high places. Construction sites should have the proper fall protection and personal protective equipment to ensure worker safety.

Struck by an Object – Everyone and everything in a construction site are always moving. This constant movement may cause tools, equipment, and other construction materials to fall. 112 out of 1008 deaths (11.11%) were caused by this in 2018. Remember, tools and other materials should be properly secured so they will not fall.

Electrocution – This is the 3rd leading cause of death in the construction industry. Electrocution can cause nerve damage, burns, and cardiac arrest. In 2018, 86 out of 1008 (8.53%) of the deaths in the construction industry were caused by electrocution.

Caught-in/between – This happens when a worker is crushed between two objects. According to OSHA, 55 out of 1008 deaths in 2018 were caused by objects crushing a worker. One must always be aware when of the surroundings when in a construction site. Stay away from heavy equipment unless necessary and keep your hands-off moving parts.

These fatal accidents and injuries can be avoided by placing warning signs, proper training and communication, providing the proper protective equipment, installing fall protection, machinery guarding, and ensuring that everyone adheres to the safety protocol.

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