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Construction Zone Accidents

Highways, expressways, neighborhoods, major traffic areas and up and coming cities are often undergoing construction. Although there are areas in which repairs rarely occur, often there are multiple construction zones at any given time. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, each year nearly 100 workers are killed and more than 20,000 are injured in work zones. About half of those deaths are the result of traffic-related injuries. Often, construction zones require limited use of lanes, changes in speed, detours, traffic congestion and the presence of people and equipment. These elements, among other altered road conditions, pose a risk to the lives of both construction workers and drivers, causing construction zones to be associated with a higher number of accidents. In addition to modified road conditions, other factors increase the chances of a construction zone accident, such as larger zones, big cities and severe weather.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the two largest hazards in construction zones are the passing of motor vehicle traffic along the perimeter of the construction and injury to workers during the movement of construction vehicles and equipment within the work zone. The injuries obtained in a construction zone may be due to another driver or the government or construction company. Such individuals may seek damages against the negligent party. Medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, loss of limb or disfigurement, pain and suffering and the cause of disability in others are all potential financial payouts required by those liable. The government or a construction company bears liability if there are inadequate warning signs or faulty equipment. If a worker is involved in an accident and their employer is insured, these claims allow them to file for workers compensation benefits. If a driver causes the accident, the worker may be entitled to compensation to damages through a personal injury claim.

If an unsafe work zone or any type of road construction has caused you to be the victim of a car accident or if you are a construction worker that has been injured on the job, seeking the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney can help to ensure your rights and interests are protected. To contact a construction zone accident attorney for a free consultation about the circumstances of your accident please feel free to call Darfoor Law Firm at 1-833-DARFOOR.

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