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Darfoor Law Firm Managing Shareholder Kweku Darfoor Named Top 15 Attorneys Disrupting The Legal Industry To Make It Better by USA Today.

For some attorneys, the call to become a lawyer drives them beyond simply winning. It inspires them to disrupt the legal profession and make it better. Below are the top 15 attorneys disrupting the legal industry right now.

1.    Bob and Brad Simon

Bob Simon, pictured here, works with brother Brad Simon (pictured above) at The Simon Law Group.

Twin brothers Brad and Robert (Bob) Simon, of The Simon Law Group, pride themselves on being disruptive to the legal industry. Their movement started in 2020, through Justice HQ, where, along with co-founder Teresa Diep, they built up an exclusive, membership-based community with a network of resources to help consumer advocate attorneys grow their solo practices while receiving elite mentorship — and all while giving these attorneys their power back and inspiring them to invest in their cases and lives. As the Simons say, “Disrupters unite!”

2.    Arash Homampour

Arash Homampour is a noteworthy lawyer.

Arash Homampour has always been a disrupter, an outlier. He is a first-generation American, and is constantly making waves in the legal world. He routinely takes on cases deemed impossible and wins record-setting verdicts. He connects powerfully as a human rather than just as a lawyer, often fights to make new laws, and strives to make a difference in the practice of law by teaching others.

3. Kelley Flanagan 

Kelley Flanagan is a young lawyer who is working to update data and technology in an antiquated legal industry that has a great need for it. With four other family members, she runs a Chicago-based property tax law firm. Flanagan is a pioneer in the legal world, who also has a level of fame as a reality television star and uses social media to grow her firm’s reach.

4. Pratik Shah 

Pratik H. Shah founded a successful law firm in Southern California and made a pronounced career out of going up against the billion-dollar bullies known as insurance companies. Noticing a definite need in the law-firm work day, Shah launched EsquireTek, groundbreaking software that automates the discovery process in minutes and gives lawyers back what they need most — time.

5. Brett Sachs 

Brett Sachs is a front-runner in today’s California, Nevada and Texas personal injury markets. His approach is based on the client experience while still winning millions of dollars in verdicts. His firm has achieved notable settlements on cases that would look tough to most firms. Even with Sachs’ success and growth, he still maintains the boutique law-firm feel, which he believes his clients deserve.

6. Richard Corey 

Richard Corey gives a strategic and calculated approach to every client matter. He strives to be the most prepared in every case, giving clients a personal approach and using a vetted nationwide network of professionals. Corey treats every case with the same level of intense care and outside-of-the-box thinking.

7. Lem Garcia

Lem Garcia is a disrupter in the legal space who is willing to do whatever it takes to connect with and provide value to the public while expecting nothing in return. Through TikTok and Instagram, Garcia produces fun videos with easy-to-understand information that help people know and exercise their rights.

8. Ali Salimi

Ali Salimi manages a multi-jurisdictional law firm dedicated to helping auto accident victims. Salimi also is focused on raising awareness for car seat safety. Salimi implemented a free car seat replacement program for those who have had a child car seat involved in an accident — a program that has helped many parents immediately get a replacement car seat for their child without any administrative delays from insurance companies. As a parent himself, Salimi knows the importance of peace of mind when it comes to children. He takes that same understanding to help all of his clients as his law firm stands by its motto, “We take care of you.”

9. Jeff Fayngor 

Jeff Fayngor was running a virtual practice before COVID-19 and operates a completely paperless law office. Everyone on his team has a desktop and laptop and can work for clients anywhere. They represent the underserved communities of Los Angeles. While Fayngor’s staff works virtually, he has a brick-and-mortar location he uses to meet clients personally. These are typically individuals who aren’t able to use the internet due to age or socioeconomic limitations.

10. Chaz Roberts 

Chaz Roberts made the decision early in his career to disregard a lot of the conventional ideals of what a law firm and attorney “should” look and behave like. He uses unconventional methods to compete with the top names in the field. Roberts has built a respected personal injury practice on client referrals and is known for the VIP experience he provides.

11. Jack Litwak 

Jack Litwak established his firm in 2019 with the goal of disrupting what is often an archaic and unjust “justice” system by exploring new and innovative ways to challenge criminal charges. He is a passionate advocate against police misconduct and has litigated as many constitutional violations as he’s been able to uncover. Litwak disrupts the system by preparing cases for trial as early as possible and establishing connections with his clients, leading him to obtain numerous dismissals and not guilty verdicts.

12. Kweku Darfoor

Kweku Darfoor moved to the United States with his parents when he was 6 and watched them give up their comfortable lifestyle in exchange for menial, low-paying jobs. That experience cultivated the way he approaches everything, especially work for clients and his community. He has extensive experience in high-profile cases and a passion for justice and equality.

13. Forrest Miller

The Law Office of Forrest R. Miller is utilizing new laws to fight social-economic biases in the courtroom. Miller’s focus is on humanizing defendants and finding the flaws in the system. Miller has been fighting for the rights of the underserved his whole career, striving to keep the system in check, and getting the very best results for clients.

14. Kyle Newman

New York City trial attorney Kyle Newman uses trial tech wizardry to consistently engage juries for his Bronx, New York personal injury and medical malpractice clients. Kyle continues to set the standard for trial technology methods and education for future elite advocates and aspiring trial attorneys of the future.

15. Tim Hennessy

Tim Hennessy is the founder of Hennessy Law Group. His mantra is that being a public defender is a mindset, not simply employment — and this led to the creation of his firm’s client-first approach, which puts people over money. Not just an idealist, but a skilled trial advocate, Hennessy has spent most of 2021 engaged in trial. Some of his most notable results are two high-profile murder trials resulting in a full acquittal and hung jury.

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