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Failure to Disclose Prior Use of Automobile

A used car buyer would like to hear that the prior use of a vehicle was by one very responsible owner only who never was in an accident.  It is unattractive to a used car buyer if a vehicle has had multiple prior owners, was a rental or police vehicle, or was used as a taxi because it could indicate potential mechanical issues.  Falsely representing or failing to disclose prior use of a vehicle is deceptive and illegal. 

A vehicle’s fair market value is affected by the vehicle’s history, so a dealer must not conceal known information of the vehicle’s prior use.  If a dealer tells a potential buyer information which is untrue and that leads to the purchase of the vehicle, the dealer may be liable for fraud.

If you have been the victim of dealer fraud, contact Ft. Lauderdale auto fraud lawyer Kweku Darfoor at (754) 800-5657.

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