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Hospital Liability in Florida

Hospitals cannot guarantee positive results but are expected to deliver a reasonable standard of care. Hospital negligence involves the entire jurisdiction of medical malpractice such as misdiagnosis, incorrect medication, surgery error, misinterpreting lab results, and nurses who do not properly monitor patients.

Hospitals can be liable in two ways: A hospital liability caused by the negligence of its employees and a hospital’s liability for its own errors like hiring unlicensed physicians or not maintaining and repairing its medical equipment.

Negligence of Employees

Healthcare providers who work in hospitals are either independent contractors or are directly employed by the hospital. A victim of malpractice can sue both the hospital and the negligent employee.

If the negligence was caused by an independent medical contractor, the liability is more complex under the state law.

Hospital’s Own Negligence

Direct hospital negligence happens when the issues are supervised by the hospital management. It includes the following:

Violating patient’s privacy
Hiring incompetent employees and retaining incompetent and/or unlicensed employees
Failure to establish proper safety protocols

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