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Injuries caused by Defective Household Appliances

Almost all households have at least one appliance. The most common are TVs, refrigerators, heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, stoves, and toasters. The manufacturers of these appliances implement strict quality control protocols to ensure their products are safe to use. These devices were designed to make our lives comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. But no matter how strict the manufacturer’s quality control is, there are some appliances that malfunction and cause serious injuries. And as we all know, treating these injuries can be very costly. Some appliances can even cause residential fires.

Injuries caused by common household appliances:

Cuts and burns
Poisoning and chemical burns

Types of Product Defect Claims

Defects in design – products that are were not designed properly or did not go through testing. All the products are likely defective and dangerous.
Defects in manufacturing – the product was properly designed and tested but something went wrong during the manufacturing process. A limited number of products are defective.
Defects in labeling and/or warning – failure to provide instructions on the how to use the product or a warning on the product’s limitations.

No matter how common an appliance is, it is important that we read the manual and follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on how to use it.

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