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Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Every year, countless number of people are injured due to a defective product. Products that have been poorly designed or incorrectly labeled. If the product is defective or is not performing as promoted, you may be covered by warranty or have the option to return it for an exchange or a refund.

A product liability claim for personal injury happens when a person is injured by a defective product. The manufacturer or vendor is responsible for compensating the person who has suffered injuries caused by their defective merchandise.

Three Types of Product Defect Claims

– Defects in design – products that were not designed properly or did not go through testing. All the products are likely defective and dangerous. Example: a cellphone battery that was not designed to stop charging once it is full causing it to explode.

– Defects in manufacturing – the product was properly designed and tested but something went wrong during the manufacturing process. A limited number of products are defective. Example: wrong type of speaker was used in a fire alarm causing it to produce a sound with a low volume.

– Defects in labeling and/or warning – failure to provide instructions on the how to use the product or a warning on the product’s limitations. Example: a food product that does not list its ingredients or a warning that it contains peanuts. This could cause severe reaction to its consumers who are allergic to peanuts.

Some of the injuries caused by defective products are choking, burn injuries, organ failure, head and spine injuries, electrocution, and a broken arm or leg.

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