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Medical Malpractice: Plastic Surgery Errors

Cosmetic surgeries are typically reconstructive procedures men and women choose to undergo to alter their personal appearance. Those that choose to partake in cosmetic surgeries like to believe that their surgeons are skilled, competent and professional, but most of all that they will come out with a successful surgery and no injuries. Unfortunately, not all surgeries are successful, as complications may arise and mistakes can be made. In the event that a surgeon commits an error that can be classified as medical negligence and the patient is harmed, the mistake may form the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

The general elements of a medical malpractice suit regarding plastic surgery are a doctor-patient relationship, breach of the medical standard of care and harm to the patient as a result. Establishing the medical standard of care requires showing what a surgeon should have done, opposed to what was done. Often times, this requires an expert witness testimony. After the standard of care is established, it must be shown how the surgeon breached the medical standard of care, such as recognizing what the surgeon failed to notice or what necessary steps were or were not taken. Establishing injury to the patient is not as simple as it seems, as there are many risks that come with cosmetic surgeries. If the injury obtained is one that the surgeon has made aware to the patient prior to the surgery and the patient has agreed, medical malpractice has not occurred.

Physical and emotional scars from surgery errors can last for years, and compensation for these injuries may include further medical treatment as well as pain and suffering. If you have been the victim of botched plastic surgery, which resulted in a serious injury, contact injury lawyers Darfoor Law Firm at 1-833-DARFOOR for a free consultation.

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