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Negligent Security

Negligent security is a subset of premises liability, in which a property owner faces responsibility for crimes or injuries that occur on their property. Property owners have an obligation to keep the people on their property safe, therefore it is their responsibility to maintain adequate security on the premises. Retail businesses that fail to use security cameras to prevent robberies may be accused of negligent security, as well as landowners that fail to prevent foreseeable crimes.

Florida law does not typically hold business owners responsible for crimes on their property, however, if the owner is aware of crime risk such as, businesses in high crime areas or businesses that are repeatedly targeted, the owner has a duty to implement reasonable security measures. In the event of a violent crime that occurs because of negligent security, circumstance determines who is responsible. If the property owner has not provided sufficient security for their property, which allows for the violent crime, the property owner is liable for all injuries obtained by victims involved in the crime. Sufficient security can range anywhere from a landlord ensuring their tenants have working locks on their door to a club owner maintaining a certain amount of security officers or bouncers at all times during hours of operation.

A negligent security case in Florida requires the plaintiff to prove (1) the property owner had a legal duty to provide sufficient security for the premises; (2) the owners breach in providing sufficient security caused/allowed the crime to occur and (3) the plaintiff suffered injury or damage due to the incident.

Negligent security can be tough to prove on your own. Contact Florida premises liability lawyers of Darfoor Law Firm at 1-833-DARFOOR to assist in your case if you are a victim of negligent security. The attorneys can determine if there has been a breach of duty and obtain the necessary compensation to cover your injuries and property damages.

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