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Personal Injury Law

Any time you are involved in a vehicle accident, do you question who is liable for the auto accident? Are you left wondering what’s the next step? Who should you contact to answer your questions? The first step after being involved in a car accident is to immediately seek the appropriate medical attention necessary. Even if you feel fine, that doesn’t mean you have not sustained any serious injuries. Often, the onset of injuries can only be felt a few days after being involved in an accident.

Negligence is defined as failing to exercise the degree of reasonable care expected of someone in order to minimize the risk of harm to another person. A person can be negligent if they are not careful, which can cause harm or injury to another person. Drivers must use caution while encountering passengers and pedestrians on the South Florida roads. For example, if a driver is not careful and causes injures another person, the driver can be held liable. Examples of negligence are failing to obey traffic laws, failing to maintain control of your car, and failing to use the car’s features properly.Whenever you are in an accident that was not caused by yourself, you may be entitled to direct compensation.

As an experience personal injury lawyer, attorney Kweku Darfoor will be able to tell you whether the other parties are at fault due to negligence or reckless driving. Darfoor Law Firm accident attorneys can also assess whether you might be able to collect damages to cover your losses. If you’re  in need of professional, reliable, experienced personal injury representation, contact a Broward car accident attorney today. Darfoor Law Firm has helped many people recover damages resulting from negligent parties, and would love to help you too. We look forward to speaking to you. Call a Broward accident lawyer at 754-800-5657 and allow the professionals at Darfoor Law Firm to aggressively represent your interests against the insurance companies.

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