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Business Litigation

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Business Litigation

Business clients turn to Darfoor Law with their most important and challenging business disputes. Our boutique firm is devoted to litigation and includes lawyers with experience working in corporate America for businesses. Our business litigation attorneys also have advanced degrees in business from top business schools. As a boutique litigation firm, we work closely with our clients to solve their problems, applying trial skills and our understanding of their business objectives. Having business backgrounds, we cost-effectively handle complex commercial disputes based on our in-depth experiences.

Many times, identifying risks and avoiding litigation are critical to solving your problem. We will pursue negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and other means whenever those options are available if it makes sense to our client. However, if such measures do not prove fruitful, we will be prepared to go to court to achieve their goals.

Your Fort Lauderdale business litigation attorneys handle disputes as varied and complex as today’s business world. For example, we represent major restaurants in matters ranging from leasing and fraud litigation, to fiduciary and shareholder litigation. Business clients rely on Darfoor Law in contract disputes and insurance disputes. We also represent business owners in landlord disputes. Small business owners in Florida come to us to help achieve their business objectives. We counsel clients in internal and governmental investigations, represent clients in contractor disputes, and assist clients seeking to protect their patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights.

We are in court and at the settlement table every day in cases across the state, addressing and resolving the most important issues for our clients. We are proud to have earned our clients’ trust and to have companies of all kinds turn to us with their most important and challenging disputes.