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Safety Tips to prevent Burn injuries

Burns are injuries caused by too much exposure from dangerous heat. It is a damage to the skin tissue. Burns and scalds can become either a minor injury to severe and life-threatening. The risk may depend on its severity and how big it is.
Burns and scalds are injuries commonly occur in the kitchen and can cause significant pain and discomfort. Burns may cause;
red or peeling skin
white or charred skin

Here are some tips to prevent burns and scalds in the kitchen:

Wear protective clothing, such as short sleeves or an apron, to avoid skin contact with hot liquids or steam.
Use oven mitts or potholders when handling hot pots, pans, or dishes.
Keep hot liquids and food away from the edges of the stove and countertops, where they can be easily knocked over.
Keep the handles of pots and pans turned inward on the stove to prevent accidental spills.
Use the back burners of the stove when cooking, and keep young children away from the stove when it is in use.
Check the temperature of hot liquids before serving or using, especially when giving them to young children or elderly individuals.
Be careful when opening the oven or microwave, as hot steam or heat can escape and cause burns.

Burn injuries can result in permanent scarring, and severe cases may lead to surgery. It can be avoided by taking precautions and adhering to safety regulations (having a fire extinguisher) mandated by state and local laws.
According to NHS, one should know about the first aid when you or your loved one is injured from burns. Here are the steps;
Immediately get the person away from the heat source to stop the burning
Remove any clothing or jewelry that’s near the burnt area but do not move anything that’s stuck to the skin
Cool the burn with cool or lukewarm running water for 20 to 30 minutes – do not use ice, iced water, or any creams
Make sure the person keeps warm by using a blanket but do not rub it against the burnt area
After cooling the burn, cover the burn by placing a layer of cling film over it – a clean plastic bag could also be used for burns on your hand
Use painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to treat any pain
Raise the affected area if possible – this helps to reduce swelling
If it’s an acid or chemical burn, call for help. You can also carefully try to remove the chemical and rinse the affected area using as much clean water as possible

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