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Slip and Fall: Private Establishments

One of the most commonly reported injury accidents is slip and falls. These cases typically involve a business or commercial property, but what if someone slips and falls on private property? Property owners are responsible for maintaining their property, as well as assuring it meets safety guidelines determined by the city and state. If a property owner fails to do so, they may become liable for the injuries of a slip and fall victim, if the slip and fall occurred on their premises. The fall may be due to cracks on a surface, slippery or uneven floor, or because the owner failed to provide a warning or caution for a potentially dangerous area, putting the victim in harms way.

When a slip and fall takes place in a private establishment, the victim has the right to obtain legal consultation to file for damages, if they can prove that the accident was caused by the owners negligence in maintaining a safe establishment. Filing a claim for a slip and fall that occurred at a private establishment requires the injured party to prove that the accident was the property owner’s fault. To do so, one of the following must be true; (1) the owner caused the dangerous condition or (2) the owner was aware of the dangerous condition and did not make an attempt to correct it or (3) the owner should have been aware of the dangerous condition.

If your slip and fall accident was a direct result of a property owners negligence to maintain a safe establishment, our personal injury lawyers at Darfoor Law Firm will help you file a case; your Florida slip and fall attorneys know your rights and can assist in obtaining the maximum recovery for an incident. Call 1-833-DARFOOR for a free consultation.

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