How Do Insurance Adjusters Evaluate Damages For Personal Injury Claims?

Car Accident Law

Insurance adjusters are responsible for evaluating and determining the amount of money that an insurance company should pay for a claim. When it comes to valuing damages to a person after being injured in a car accident, there are several factors that an insurance adjuster will consider.

First, the adjuster will consider the nature and severity of the injuries sustained in the accident. This may include the types of injuries, the length of time it will take to recover, and any long-term consequences of the injuries. The adjuster will also consider any medical treatment that has been received or is expected to be needed in the future, as well as any lost wages or other income resulting from the accident.

The adjuster will also take into account the circumstances of the accident, including who was at fault and the extent of the property damage. In some cases, the adjuster may also consider the policy limits of the insurance policy and any applicable state laws or regulations.

Ultimately, the goal of the insurance adjuster is to determine the amount of money that is needed to fairly compensate the injured party for their losses and damages. This may include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The insurance adjuster will consider all relevant factors in order to arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement amount.

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