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The Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a legal term that refers to negligence by an act, or failure to act, by a doctor or other healthcare provider. When a medical professional’s treatment fails to meet the accepted standard within the medical community, and it causes injury to or death of the patient. It is a type of personal injury case.

These are the different types of Medical Malpractice:

This is the most common medical malpractice. A lot of complaints consist of misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis. Medical professionals don’t pay enough attention, don’t give the right diagnosis to a patient, or don’t give the right treatment
Childbirth Injuries
This is one of the medical malpractices that impales not just the infant but also the whole family as it causes serious and lifelong consequences. The infant might be severely injured or worst, be dead due to the healthcare provider’s negligence.
Surgical Mistakes
Unfortunate occurrences and errors due to the negligence of a surgeon during the procedure. For example, leaving a surgical tool in the body, operating on the wrong body part, or even performing one patient’s operation on the wrong patient.
Anesthesia Mistakes
Errors during administering the anesthesia can be very dangerous, possibly resulting in the patient’s death or severe injuries like brain damage.
Medication Errors
Errors such as;

a. the wrong medication was prescribed

b. the wrong dosage was administered to the patient

c. the dosage in the prescription given is incorrect.

When you or your loved one suffered one of the medical malpractices above, it is best advised to consult a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law.
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