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Ways to Avoid Traffic Accidents during the Holidays

The hustle and bustle of shops, malls, and streets during the holiday season are inevitable. At this time of the year, streets will be very busy and traffic will most likely occur which can increase the chance of car accidents happening. The holiday season also coincides with flu season, which can mean drivers will mostly be tired and distracted by illness. Another factor that can contribute to the occurrence of car accidents is drivers who drunk-drive coming from holiday events.


If you live in Florida, you will want to plan your Holiday in a few specific ways:


Have a plan for holiday shopping and errands. Save your time and avoid driving anywhere by grouping your errands in the same location or adjacent locations only. Do shopping in one go and avoid driving back and forth. Another thing to consider is to shop online if you can. These tips can help you avoid busy establishments, terrible traffic, and a high chance of accidents.


Plan for holiday events.  Check your calendar and take note of the holiday events you have coming up. Most of your activities will require driving or transportation at some point and it can be very useful to plan ahead including how you prefer to get to your destination. Choose to travel early and reduce the risk of fatigue or drunk driving by using public transit or carpooling.


Make sure to arrive sober and safe.  You can always choose the safer options by designating a driver, having money for cabs, and/or understanding the shuttle services available in your community. Establish your transportation plans of coming to events and going home before you start drinking so you know you are safe and will not be drunk driving.


Check your car.  Get a car checkup for the holiday season to ensure your car is safe to drive. The holiday season means your car will most likely be used more often to run errands or drive long distances to see friends and families.




Make New Year’s Eve Arrangements/Reservations. Your ride to your New Year’s Eve celebration and coming home should be your priority. You should plan ahead by considering booking a shuttle, driver, or hotel room early rather than driving home after parties while drunk. Since it will surely be hectic, avoid waiting until that night for a taxi or other ride home. This can reduce your risk of accidents.

Throughout the holidays, our phone lines will continue to be staffed, so you can reach an attorney if you have been injured and need help.

You can always contact Darfoor Law Firm at +1-833-327-3667 for a free consultation and case evaluation. Have a happy holiday!


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