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Auto Repair Fraud

What is Auto Repair Fraud?

It is a common concern for consumers to be scammed by repair shops and dealerships when they take their vehicles in to get repaired. Consumers lose millions of dollars each year for unnecessary car repairs. It’s very easy for a mechanic to persuade a car owner that unnecessary repairs are needed, because a lot of people simply don’t know that much about their cars. In most cases, consumers are not aware that they are being cheated. They simply want their car to run smoothly and without issues; repair shops take advantage of this in many ways including adjusting charges. Sometimes a repairman may offer a reasonable estimate, but when completed the final bill is much higher than the initial estimate. They may claim it is due to additional service fees. Some may even intentionally leave the estimated amount blank when signing a repair authorization. However, they will then go back and change it when the work is done. In addition to raising prices and suggesting needless repairs, mechanics often times do little to no work on the car and charge consumers full price, even though they have not repaired the vehicle. Repair shops and dealerships also occasionally install used, rebuilt or reconditioned parts.

How to Report Auto Repair Fraud?

Unfortunately, some repairmen do not always have your best interests in mind.  Not only does the quality of work vary, but so does the quality of people and the level of customer service. If a consumer thinks that he or she has been a victim of an auto repair scam, a report should be made to the state attorney general’s office, to the local consumer protection agency, and also to the Better Business Bureau.  Gather up all paperwork, receipts, work orders, written estimates and warranty information from the repair shop. The more documentation the consumer has the better.

If a consumer believes he or she was cheated by an unethical auto repair shop, the consumer has the right to sue to recover what was paid, any other costs related to the repair, attorney fees and more. The experienced attorneys at Darfoor Law Firm want to help you receive compensation for your trouble. Contact Darfoor Law Firm for a free consultation and to determine whether you are a victim of car repair fraud/scams at 1-833-DARFOOR. 

Do you suspect that you have you been a victim of auto repair fraud in the past or suspect something fishy? If so, please leave a comment our Facebook page. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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