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Do’s and Don’ts After A Car Accident

DOs and DON’Ts after a Car Accident

Car accidents, most of the time, are traumatic events. It is normal for those involved to be afraid and confused. Below are some things to do and not to do after a car accident.

The DOs:

• Keep yourself safe. If the vehicle is burning, get out immediately and call for help.
• Call the authorities immediately after the accident.
• Take photographs before and after the vehicles are moved. It is important that you take photos of the damages to your vehicle.
• Seek medical help immediately. You may not feel any pain after the accident but there might be internal injuries. This can help your lawyer recover
the full compensation you are entitled to.
• Get information from the other driver like his name, address, phone number, and insurance information. If the other driver is driving a commercial
vehicle, get the name of the business and their contact details.
• Keep a record of your medical treatment. List your medical providers, their contact details, date of service.

The DON’Ts:

• Do not move your vehicle unless instructed by the authorities to do so. They need to see the point of impact to document it.
• Do not leave the scene. This can be considered a hit and run and can cause more problems.
• Do not admit fault. Don’t say sorry for the accident.
• Do not agree to a settlement without an attorney. Your lawyer will assess whether it is fair and just compensation.
• Do not agree to a recorded statement without counsel. What you say could be used against you. Insurance companies will try to find loopholes to avoid
paying for an accident. Your lawyer will be there to help protect your legal interests and will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

It is always best to seek the help of an experienced attorney when you are involved in an accident. Darfoor Law is here to help. You can contact us toll free at (833) DARFOOR or at (754)812-8444 or send us an email at You can also visit our website for more information.

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