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Mass Transit Accidents

Mass transportation is defined as, “the means or systems used to transfer large groups of individuals from one place to another.” Public transportation accidents include crashes involving airplanes, buses, trains, the subway, cable cars, taxis, cruise ships and planes. Because they so often involve injuries to multiple passengers, these mass transit accidents can be devastating. The most common cause of accidents involving public transportation involve negligence, which include speeding, failure to observe traffic signals, driver fatigue, faulty vehicle maintenance, slow reaction to emergencies and driver impairment. Mass transit is usually associated with public transportation rather than private use. Due to this public element, mass transit accidents can involve unique liabilities.

There are several ways in which mass transit accidents differ from typical accidents, many regarding the strict standards required for mass transit services. Mass transit vehicles, such as trains and buses, have rules specifically intended to manage operation. For example, buses have rules that specify necessary actions depending on the situation, such as the requirement to stop at all railroad crossings. Also, many operators require specialized training and/or licenses prior to operating a vehicle. In the event of a mass transit accident, the city, county or state, as well as the operator of the transit vehicle may be liable for medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. Cases against government agencies are handled differently, as the claims procedure is generally longer, while the statue of limitations is shorter. Mass transit accidents are also very costly. The National Safety Council has estimated the average costs of fatal and nonfatal unintentional injuries due to mass transportation accidents. The estimated total cost of a large mass transportation accident; in which death occurred is $105,750,000, in which nonfatal disabling injuries occurred is $7,890,000, in which only property damage occurred is $1,335,000.

Mass transit accidents and injuries can be serious and can involve many people and various parties. If you or a loved one of yours needs legal representation for a mass transit accident claim, contact mass transit attorneys at Darfoor Law Firm. Our firm has extensive experience in representing personal injury victims and can provide you with legal research and guidance for your case. Give us a call today at 1-833-DARFOOR for a free consultation with a Florida mass transit accident attorney regarding your rights under Florida law.

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