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Odometer Fraud, Salvage Fraud, & Undisclosed Flood – Auto Fraud

What is Odometer Fraud, Salvage Fraud, Undisclosed Flood or Hurricane Damage?

Odometer Fraud occurs when the dealer or the dealer’s representative (salesman) gives misinterpretations about the motor vehicle’s actual mileage information; for example, a car with 75,000 miles being set and sold at 25,000 miles. Salvage Fraud is when a car is being sold after it has been declared a total loss due to such things like a car collision or anything of a serious matter. Undisclosed flood or Hurricane Damage is similar to Salvage Fraud; moreover, selling a car after total loss due to hurricane or flood damage. All of these types of automobile fraud, including, but not limited to, hiding and misinterpreting an automobile’s actual condition and the real value violate the federal statute of Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act (MVICSA). They also violate the State of Florida FDUTPA (Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act), and can ultimately result in revocation, installments payments withholding, and ultimately a lawsuit regardless of the seller’s position in knowing the fraud facts upon the vehicle.

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